Mindfulness and Compassion Mornings

On the final Saturday of each month, we get together for some time to meditate and explore a new theme related to mindfulness and compassion practice. 

Attend for meditation, space for yourself and the chance to find community.

Each morning is split into two 50 minute sessions, with an intervening coffee break.

The first session focuses on mindfulness meditation, including time for meditation and grounded discussion around a theme related to mindfulness practice.

The second session focuses on developing compassion – compassion¬†for one’s self and for others. Each week explores materials and practices from different traditions and teachers, including Norman Fischer, Ajahn Brahm, and Susan Piver.

Bringing these two aims together is inspired by the belief that mindfulness and compassion need to be practiced together. Each supports the other, like two wings of a bird without which the bird cannot fly and the power of our practice remains hidden.

Read more on the link between mindfulness and compassion here.

These monthly events are open to both beginners and experienced meditators.


Location: Friends Meeting House, 28 Regent Place, Rugby, CV21 2PN + Online ZOOM option.

Date/Time: 10am – 12pm, 31st July 2021

Cost: £15 BOOK HERE