8-Week Mindfulness for Stress-Reduction Course

This course is led by Michael Roberts. It is suitable for beginners and those wishing to reinvigorate their practice.

Participants will be introduced to a wide range of methods for developing mindfulness – many branches of “The Mindfulness Tree” – so they can find those that best resonate with them. Along with formal, guided meditation practices, we will look at more informal techniques for building mindfulness into everyday life. Attendees will have the opportunity, if desired, to explore their experiences during meditation with the help of the facilitator and the rest of the group.

All material is founded upon the evidence-based principles of Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based-Cognitive-Therapy (MBCT).

Key themes covered include how mindfulness can be used to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Deal with difficult emotions
  • Promote awareness, focus and creativity
  • Develop compassion for self and others

Participants will be given exercises to try between sessions and are asked to commit to a personal practice alongside the course. By the conclusion of the programme, they will be equipped with the skills to continue practice on their own.

Cost: £195 / £155 Concessions* **

*NB. Up to 2 week’s equivalent cost can be refunded (at the end of course) for necessary absences (e.g. holidays, appointments). Full refunds require at least 1 week’s notice. If you need to cancel after this point, please get in touch and we can discuss your circumstances.

** Concessions include students, over-65s and low/un-waged persons

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Course Structure

Week 1: Introduction – Mindfulness of Breathing
Week 2: Mindfulness and the Body
Week 3: Mindfulness of Sound and Choiceless Awareness
Week 4: Mindfulness of Thoughts
Week 5: Mindfulness and Compassion
Week 6: Mindfulness and Difficult Emotions (Self-Compassion)
Week 7: Embracing Uncertainty – Trusting the Self
Week 8: Mindfulness and Everyday Life – What’s Next?

What is mindfulness?

For more details, or to discuss whether this course would be suitable, please contact Michael directly

Email: info@themindfulnesstree.org.uk

Phone: 07552689706